About Us –

The Divine Sprout is a small Victoria-based business that creates handcrafted organic baking mixes.

It all began in August 2015 when I began a plant-based blog; a way for me to share my enthusiasm for delicious plant-based meals and also with the goal of encouraging readers to reconnect with their food. It is my belief that the foods we choose play a major roll in how we feel on a daily basis. The Divine Sprout blog was (and still is!) my way of sharing my kitchen creations which are always vegetarian, mostly vegan, good-for-you wholesome foods.

The seed was planted. I was craving something more. How else could I share this passion for healthy and deeply nourishing foods with others? How could I make healthier versions of some of the foods people love most!? How could I make it convenient by requiring minimal add-ins? And how could I make it taste delicious? The business sprouted from there when all of these ideas came together and The Divine Sprout baking mixes were the result. All of our baking mixes are organic, vegan, refined sugar free and are appropriate for those with dietary concerns or restrictions. We use Canadian ingredients if possible, whole grains such as rolled oats and buckwheat, and organic nuts and seeds. You will not find any soy, animal by-products, artificial ingredients, preservatives or refined sugar in our product line. No over-the-top packaging, no deceptive wording and no artificial ingredients, just 100% real food.

As I continue to grow, so will my product offerings but always sticking true to my personal food philosophy and values; high quality, deeply nutritious, convenient, honest and (of course) delicious. I hope you enjoy!